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On a June 2017 survey of Alma del Mar families, 97% of parents responded that they believe that Alma sets high expectations for their child. 95% of parents reported feeling welcome at Alma. Finally, 94% of parents surveyed said they would recommend Alma to other families – and they have! The majority of the families involved in our yearly lottery initially learned about Alma through the family of a currently enrolled scholar.

97% of parents responded that their child is learning what he or she needs to know to be on the path to college.

“There is no division between families, staff and administration. We are all on the same page as far as what needs to be done in order for our scholars to succeed. This sets a great example for kids in the real world: We are one!”

“Everyone is here to make sure our scholars succeed. Everyone is held to the same standard. I like that they have smaller groups to either help those who need more help in class or for those who need something more challenging.”


June 2017 Parent Survey results


Family Survey Results June 2017

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