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On a June 2013 survey of Alma del Mar families, 99% of parents responded that they believe that Alma offers them opportunities to be involved in their scholar’s education. 98% of parents reported feeling welcome at Alma. Finally, 99% of parents surveyed said they would recommend Alma to other families – and they have! The majority of the families involved in our yearly lottery initially learned about Alma through the family of a currently enrolled scholar.

95% of parents report that, since starting at Alma, their scholar is more likely to do things to help other people. 94% of parents report that their scholar feels respected by his or her teacher and that their scholar believes that his or her teacher cares about him or her. Perhaps most exciting, 95% of parents report that their scholar is motivated to succeed.

“The very best thing about home visits is having our child’s teacher in our home, pen in hand, asking: ‘What can I do to help your child succeed?’ This type of communication tells the scholar, ‘My teacher cares about what I do. I matter. I’m important!’” –  Jillian Gomes, mother of Adrien (Class of 2030) and Roman (Class of 2027)

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