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For many generations, New Bedford children have suffered from a lack of educational opportunity. By the end of third grade, most low-income New Bedford students are already failing academically. On the 2012 third grade MCAS, 65% of low-income students did not pass the math test, and 62% of low-income students did not pass the English Language Arts test.

Alma del Mar specifically strives to encourage low-income children to apply to the Alma del Mar lottery. Our neighborhood in the North end of New Bedford is among the lowest income communities in the United States. The challenges of poverty – including community violence, lack of adequate food and shelter, and high incarceration rates – often present significant barriers to the success of low-income children. Alma del Mar seeks to level the playing field by providing a high quality, college preparatory education and meaningful support services. Additionally, 26% of our scholars receive special education services and 22% are English language learners. We serve scholars with autism, epilepsy, ADHD, specific learning disabilities, dyslexia and dysgraphia; currently, all scholars are fully included in a general education classroom.

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