The Alma del Mar Difference

High Expectations: Every single one of our scholars is headed to college. No exceptions. Alma scholars know that we refuse to accept anything but their best effort and best behavior. Rigorous academics and work are essential to their success. Our scholars thrive on challenge and our teachers refuse to let anything get in the way of our scholars’ success.

Incredible Teachers: We select the best teachers from across the country and give them the coaching and support they need to excel. We work as a crew to make sure every scholar succeeds.

Abundant Support: We strive to provide our scholars with whatever they need to be successful. Academic supports include small group instruction, extra practice, and staff and volunteer tutors. Eyeglasses, clothing, transportation – our staff works with parents and community partners to make sure our scholars start each day ready to learn.

30% More Learning Time: Alma scholars spend 30% more time in school than students in the school down the street. The journey to college is long, and our scholars invest the time to get there. We squeeze the most out of every day and every minute. Scholars have art, music and physical education each several days per week.

Active Learning: Alma del Mar is the only Expeditionary Learning School in Southeastern Massachusetts. The Expeditionary Learning (EL) model challenges students – even those starting with low skill levels – with high-level tasks and active roles in the classroom, transforming schools into places where students become leaders of their own learning.

“Alma realizes our children need more than academics for a bright future. This is why they are preparing our children to become well-rounded, productive, positive, intelligent, influential leaders of tomorrow that will think for themselves.” – Heather Campinha-Castro, mother of Samuel, Class of 2026

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"Alma del Mar has become known for its unique blend of a 'no excuses' culture with a content-rich, Expeditionary Learning curriculum."