Ms. RNdebumadu

Roshonda Ndebumadu

5th Grade Lead Teacher

Ms. Ndebumadu is a proud South Carolina Native and a graduate of Converse College. She is Nigerian-American, Igbo to be exact for those who are familiar with Nigerian tribes. She moved to Boston in August 2016 to complete a year of service with City Year. She served at Young Achievers K-8 school in Mattapan. Ms. Ndebumadu is eagerly and constantly learning about herself and her surroundings, so in addition to teaching she is currently pursuing her masters' in Public Health and Education. She is an avid social justice advocate. She loves her host of nieces and nephews as if they are her own children. When she is not cooking in the kitchen she enjoys long walks on the beach, reading historical fiction novels or staying tucked in and watching various documentaries and movies on Netflix. She moved to New Bedford in July 2019 and is so excited to be working with and for the Alma Community!