Photo of Nicole Ouimet in front of white background

Nicole Ouimet


Ms. Ouimet grew up in Berkley, Massachusetts. She lived in Berkley until she was 14 years old. At this time, her dad received a job transfer to Chicago, Illinois and her entire family relocated there. She went to high school at St. Francis College Prep in Wheaton, Illinois. She then attended St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. She earned an undergrad degree in Elementary Education with an endorsement in reading.
After graduation, Ms. Ouimet’s entire family moved back to the Massachusetts area. She worked as a preschool teacher for three years and then took a kindergarten teaching job at Lincoln School in Providence. During this time, she earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Lesley University in Cambridge. Ms. Ouimet was looking for specific areas of special education and chose to relocate back to Davenport, Iowa to pursue a career in emotional and behavioral supports. She taught as a K-5 sub separate teaching for students with behavioral disorders for two years. She then worked as a Crisis Interventionist for a middle school program for students with behavioral disorders. During that time, she earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Special Education Leadership. Ms. Ouimet then took a job as a School Administrative Manager at an elementary school. After doing that for two years, Ms. Ouimet realized that she missed being in the classroom and chose to return to teaching. She worked as a High School Transition Specialist and taught all subjects in an alternate school for students who were expelled from their normally assigned public school.