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Matt Marko

Director of Network Operations

Mr. Marko grew up in Brewer, Maine. He graduated from Brewer High school in 2006, and continued to live in Maine while getting Bachelors in Criminal Justice from the University of Maine. In 2011-12 Mr. Marko interned on the Maine Marriage Equality campaign and helped pass marriage equality at the ballot box in November 2012. He spent the next five years traveling the country working on various campaigns, with a primary focus on LGTBQ equality, working in states like Rhode Island, Indiana, and Ohio. Mr. Marko’s last major campaign role was Deputy National Operations Director for the Bernie 2016 Presidential campaign. He worked state level operations in New Hampshire, Illinois, and Wisconsin, before joining the National team in Burlington, Vermont. He came to Alma as the Office and Data Manager in November 2016, before being promoted to Director of Operations in January 2018. Mr. Marko is excited to be the founding Dean of Operations of the second Alma Campus!