You’re Invited: Cyber Safety Night at Alma

We invite Alma del Mar scholars and their families to learn more about how to be safe online at our first-ever Cyber Safety Night. The event is scheduled for Monday, March 20th from 6-7 p.m at Alma del Mar.

As more and more forms of social media and uses for internet arise, it is important that we help young people understand how to be safe on the internet. In addition, as adults it is important that we understand the different forms of social media, and how they are impacting the young people around us.

Topics that will be covered:
-“Social Media and You”
-Social media and internet family contracts
-Information on various forms of social media
-The permanency of the internet
-True stories of cyber safety
-How to be an upstander for cyber bullying and cyber safey
-Information on a future event: A screening of Screenagers

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