Are you ready for Book Character Day on Friday?

On Friday, October 27, we will hold our annual Book Character Day! This year scholars will be required to complete a Book Character Explanation Form by Thursday, October 26th in order to participate. You can find your scholar’s form here.

Other things to know:

  • The character must be from a book that the scholar has read. Scholars should not dress up as a character from a movie or television show. Remember, we are celebrating our love of reading!
  • Scholars who do not meet behavioral expectations on Thursday, October 26th will not be permitted to participate . If a scholar is on red, receives a Community Violation, or earns an In School or Out of School Suspension the day before the event, they will not be allowed to participate in Book Character Day. Middle school scholars who are On the Dock will be allowed to participate. Classroom teachers will contact families after school on 10/26 to inform them if their scholar is not able to dress up.
  • Scholars who are not dressed as book characters are required to be in uniform.



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