Meet Ms. DeSousa: Kindergarten Academic Fellow

img_5171Ms. DeSousa was born and raised in New Bedford. She is the youngest of four siblings and loves having a big family. Ms. DeSousa attended high school at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical School and focused her studies there on child development. She graduated from GNB Voc-Tech in 2013. Then, while working at Little People’s College, she took courses at Fisher College. She plans to go back to school to pursue a degree in teaching. In her free time, Ms. DeSousa enjoys going off-roading in her Jeep — something she has loved doing since she was younger and would go with her dad. She has three dogs, one cat and a ferret.

Why did you choose the Alma team?
I started at Alma as a leader for an Afterschool Program activity last year and immediately fell in love with the school. Soon I was coming in as a substitute and I loved how welcoming and helpful everyone was. I kept reminding everyone that if there were any openings, to please let me know. 

What do you hope to contribute to Alma? 
I’ve been working with scholars in kindergarten on making sure that they are being safe and engaged in the classroom. I hope to continue to contribute to a classroom environment that is safe for every single scholar to be a part of the crew, all while they’re being engaged and learning.

What is your top goal during your first year with Alma?
My goal for this year is to truly find my voice as an educator so I can effectively interact with all scholars. 

What teacher made a difference in your life, and how? 
Ms. Brightman, my shop teacher at Voc-Tech, made a difference by helping me to break out of my shell as an educator. She helped me get over my fear of being in front and leading.

Why did you become involved in education?
I come from a big family and my cousins and I would always play school and I would always be the teacher. I think I knew even then that I wanted to be the person to make a difference in someone’s life. 

Where did you go to college? What did you like about your college?
I went to Fisher College and enjoyed learning more about how to work with children. 

What is your favorite music?

I listen to all types of music but my absolute favorite is country music because I really connect to it.

What is your favorite place?

I’m very adventurous and love being outdoors, so anywhere outdoors! I enjoy taking my nieces and nephews to some of the trails in Dartmouth.

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