Meet Dr. Hamilton: Sixth Grade Lead Teacher

image1Andrew Hamilton was born in Greenfield, Mass, a small western Mass town where there were five generations of his family who ran a small family shoe store. He went to public school and played lots of sports. To earn money, he  delivered newspapers, mowed lawns, raked yards, and  shoveled sidewalks. He also spent lots of time at the YMCA and at summer camps working with children and realizing he loved to teach and coach. 

Mr. Hamilton went to Hobart College in upstate New York, where he took courses in sociology, history, psychology, philosophy, and education. He also played soccer and baseball for the Hobart Statesmen. He went to graduate school at UMASS Amherst where he earned a Masters and a Doctorate in Education and School Improvement. He has since worked in schools in Vermont, Kentucky, California, Florida, and Egypt.

Why did you choose the Alma team?
I chose Alma because I love teaching and I was really excited to join the team and work with the sixth grade scholars.

What do you hope to contribute to Alma?
I hope to work with scholars to improve their abilities to read, write, and express themselves.


What is your top goal during your first year with Alma?
My top goal this year is to reach the scholars in such a way that I can see individual improvement from each one!

Who was your favorite teacher and how did they inspire you?

The program director at the YMCA, Pete Duffy, spent hours training me to be become a referee, a coach, and eventually a teacher. I have been in education ever since.

What did you like about your college?

I loved college and learning about the world, great authors, people who had changed the world, but mostly I learned about myself and what I was truly capable of accomplishing.

Where is your favorite place?

My favorite place to go is a harbor in Brooklin, Maine where my ancestors were from generations ago. I like to walk on the beach, go sailing, and spend time with my family. I also really like to travel and to play music with my friends whenever I can.

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