March is Spirit Month at Alma

Spirit Month

For the past 6 years, Alma has had the traditional 1 week of days where scholars could dress up according to day. But this year, we decided to spread out the fun! Every Friday in March, we will have a Spirit Day.

Please work with your scholar to plan a simple homemade costume.  Items around the house make great costumes!

Please note the following costume guidelines:

  • Scholars may not wear masks or fake blood (other face paint is ok)
  • Scholars may not bring weapons of any kind (fake or real)
  • Scholars may not wear jeans or flip-flops
  • All items must be appropriate for school (for example, no tube tops/spaghetti straps)
  • Must wear or bring appropriate shoes for P.E. and recess.
  • Costumes may not interfere with movement or safety (scholars will have Physical Education as usual)

Scholars who do not meet behavioral expectations the day before the event will not be permitted to participate. If a scholar is on red, receives a Community Violation, or earns an In School or Out of School Suspension the day before the event, they will not be allowed to participate. Middle school scholars who are On the Dock will be allowed to participate. Classroom teachers will contact families the day before the event to inform them if their scholar is not able to dress up.

March 2

Pajama Day

March 9

Mismatch Day

March 16

Crew Day

March 23

Famous People Day

Stay comfy all day long while wearing your pajamas to school. Go all out with onesies, sweatshirts or fuzzy pants. Wear whatever crazy clothes you want! Mix and Match everything, from crazy socks to mismatched leggings. Sport your school spirit by wearing your college colors. Go head to toe and show your school pride. Who’s your favorite famous person? On this spirit day, you can dress up just like them. From Rosa Parks to Beyonce, show us who’s your favorite.


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