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What to Expect as a Teacher at Alma del Mar

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We are looking for teachers who insist on the highest possible performance from every one of their scholars, their colleagues and themselves. We believe that one of the biggest drivers of teacher improvement is frequent, targeted feedback. As a teacher at Alma del Mar, expect your practice to be public.

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We know that as a professional, you need time, training and resources to do your job right. You will have at least two weeks of professional development before school starts, 90 minutes of professional learning time each Thursday and daily common planning time. In addition, you will receive regular coaching, access to usable scholar data and the opportunity to learn through visits to other high-performing schools and professional development.

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As a teacher, you will have the opportunity to help shape the policies and practices that will make this school great. Expect to have a voice in the school and to be a part of a team of relentless problem-solvers. Our lower elementary teachers share scholars and specialize in content areas (as either a Math or Literacy Lead). “Divas” need not apply.


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