Four Alma educators recognized as Master Teachers

Four educators at Alma del Mar were recently recognized for their mastery in teaching at the K-8 inclusive public charter school located in the North End of New Bedford.

Alma educators are designated as Master Teacher when they exhibit a strong work ethic which contributes to both tangible results today and a lasting impact into the future. Master Teachers are also successful members of our interdependent crew at Alma del Mar — they not only get great results for scholars, they also contribute to our long-term effort by helping the teachers around them to achieve at higher levels.

Alma del Mar’s Master Teachers for the 2017-2018 school year are: Tina Lorenzen, Kate Frazer Rego, Ned Carson and Xiomara Palmieri.


ADM_83117_POR_300Tina Lorenzen is sixth grade teacher at Alma del Mar and also serves as the Middle School Expedition Department Chair. As an experienced urban educator, she brought a wealth of instructional tools to Alma’s faculty when she joined the team in 2015. In addition to this experience, Tina has demonstrated a high degree of adaptability, molding her teaching practice to align with Alma’s systems and routines. Tina’s work over the past two and a half years has resulted in tremendous growth and achievement of her scholars. On the latest MCAS, her scholars outscored the state and were in the 81st percentile for growth, the highest growth score of any subject for any cohort in the school. Tina embodies the principle of High Demand and High Support, combining a no-nonsense tone with the ability to have fun in the moment with her scholars. It’s not uncommon to hear Ms. Lorenzen singing directions to scholars or demonstrating key ideas through skits and stories.


Kate Frazer-RegoKate Frazer Rego volunteered at Alma before becoming Alma’s art teacher in 2012. As an accomplished artist, Kate came to Alma with a strong vision for what art education can be and proceeded to bring that vision to life. In Ms. Frazer Rego’s class, scholars are confronted every day with great art by a diverse group of great artists and then systematically taught how to appreciate these works and apply the skills and concepts they embody. While producing high quality artwork in her class, Ms. Frazer Rego’s scholars not only learn craftsmanship and art history; they also learn to express themselves in new ways and explore their individual identities. Kate’s ability to create a safe culture in which scholars learn to express themselves creatively and productively carries beyond her classroom to the school as a whole. Countless scholars see Ms. Frazer Rego’s room as a space where they can go for support or a refill of inspiration and motivation. Her leadership of the Q Plus Club has created a strong positive support for scholars and her impact as a caring adult goes far beyond any formal structures. Kate’s well-developed listening skills and joyful classroom practice give her the ability to reach some of the hardest to reach scholars.

ADM10.14_026Ned Carson joined Alma del Mar in 2014 as a founding fifth grade teacher. His dry wit, coupled with his passion for literature, have endeared him to scholars since then. As a member of Alma’s crew, Ned is known for the seriousness with which he approaches his craft and his own development as a teacher. As a result of this dedication to his practice and to his scholars, Ned’s last cohort of fifth graders performed on par with their affluent peers on the MCAS. Additionally, Mr. Carson’s strong classroom practice embodies the principle of Content is King and provides a valuable model for how we can powerfully teach literacy throughout the school.




Alma del Mar - Xiomara PalmieriXiomara Palmieri joined Alma del Mar in 2012 as an associate teacher and quickly grew into the role of lead kindergarten teacher. Xiomara is the epitome of “warm demander;” she never gives up on a scholar and holds them to extremely high standards while creating a classroom culture that is caring and nurturing. Xiomara is also masterful in her ability to enlist her scholars’ parents as she leads her crew to high achievement. Her frequent and clear communication with families early each year greatly eases what can be a challenging transition to school for five year olds. The results of Ms. Palmieri’s hard work are apparent in the high achievement of Alma kindergartners every year. Even as Alma’s incoming kindergarten population has become increasingly higher needs, Xiomara and her team have led them to higher achievement each year. Scholars often enter Xiomara’s classroom already behind in basic vocabulary and letter identification skills and leave her classroom reading well above a first grade level. So much of the work of the rest of Alma’s crew relies on this strong foundation that scholars receive in kindergarten.

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