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Alma del Mar uniforms are being ordered from epluno beginning in June 2017.

Place your order via the telephone number listed below or through our Online Store.

Customer  Service: 1-800-249-5275
Online Store: http://almadelmar.epluno.com/

Samples are available to try on at the school. Please contact the front desk at 774-206-6827 to set up an appointment.


When can I order uniforms? You can order uniforms anytime. For the best price, you should order during our bulk ordering windows. All items ordered during these times will be delivered to the school. The ordering windows for the Summer and Fall of 2017 are:

  • June 19th – July 7th (Items to arrive by July 28th.)
  • July 11th – August 3rd (Items to arrive by August 18th.)
  • August 14 – August 28th (Items to arrive by September 15th.)

If I already have uniforms for next year, do I need to buy new uniforms again? The uniforms from the new vendor are exactly the same as our current uniform. Anything that scholars are wearing this year that is within the uniform policy is acceptable for next year. If you are unsure if a uniform item that you have is in compliance with the uniform policy please stop by the front desk with the items for assistance.

What are the guidelines for the belts, undershirts, shoes and socks?
Scholars may wear any white socks and white tights without logos.
Scholars may wear any black belt.  A belt must be worn every day.
Scholars must wear solid black, close-toed shoes with a rubber tread and no logos, lights, wheels, or other distractions from learning.  They may wear boots to and from school but must wear sneakers while at school.  Sandals are not permissible.

Below are suggestions for black shoes without logos:


Stride Rite Austin

TKS Boys Keith

Knightfit Runner


Stride Rite Carla

Mary Jane

Please feel free to share other shoes you find via the “contact us” form so that they can be posted for other parents.

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