Where would your curiosity and love of learning take you?

Something that makes Alma del Mar a unique place to work is that our teachers are given the opportunity to fuel their passion and deepen their content knowledge.
Where would your curiosity and love of learning take you?
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For Kate, our middle school art teacher,
it took her to a museum in the heart of Paris,
where she stood in awe of Monet’s water lilies.
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For Ned, our fifth grade literacy teacher,
it sent him to historic sites like the Edmund Pettus Bridge
and Ebenezar Baptist Church.
For Nathalie, our first grade co-teacher,
she found herself on a cross-country journey
to research some of America’s most beloved symbols.
At Alma, we invest in our teachers not only as educators, but also as lifelong learners. We enable our teachers to look beyond the typical professional development opportunities and actually explore. These adventures, dubbed Almazing Fund trips, are funded by a donor-supported effort to give our incredible educators the chance to experience the world around them and how it relates to their curriculum.
These experiences not only deepen our teachers’ understanding of the curriculum they teach but also fuels their passion for the content. We know that when our teachers get excited about the content they’re teaching, our scholars will too.
But we’re not done yet.
Interested in joining a crew that is always striving to deepen their learning? Check out our openings!
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