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Results for Children are the Real Bottom Line

By Will Garner and Jan Baptist Posted Aug 4, 2018 at 3:30 PM on SouthCoast Today Seven years ago, we made a promise to families in New Bedford that we’d create a school that would put their children on the path to college. We’ve created

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Celebrating Alma’s Charter Renewal

Almazing Families, I am happy to announce that this past week the Department of Education approved an unconditional renewal of our five year charter! This is a big milestone for Alma. It means that the state has full confidence that

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Luck of the Draw: Reflections on our school lottery

Post by Will Gardner, Founder & Executive Director This week we held our annual lottery for admission to Alma del Mar for the 2015-16 school year. A special thanks to City Councilor Dana Ribeiro for serving as our ceremonial announcer. The

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Context is Key

Post by Will Gardner, Founder & Executive Director “It’s a cause far greater than any one of us singularly,” he added. “I equate it to the Magellan mission.” —Stuart Witt, Mojave Air and Space Port CEO, referring to the recent

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Alma’s “web of mutuality”

Post by Will Gardner, Executive Director The word “network” can sound a little dry for something that is about human relationships. Dr. King tells us that “we are caught in an inescapable web of mutuality” so I’ll use the word

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Every day we improve

Post by: Will Gardner, Founder & Executive Director Four years ago, Alma del Mar did not exist. Today—thanks to the hard work of our scholars, team, and the faith and persistence of our founding families—we are the most successful and

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Transforming five-year-olds into scholars

Post by: Will Gardner, Founder & Executive Director   All eyes in Rhode Island College, Class of 2031, are on Ms. Palmieri’s hand as she holds up three fingers and slowly grips her pencil, turning her hand so that each

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