Alma Staff Updates for January

Dear Alma Families,

As many of you know, we are both expecting babies at the beginning of January! Ms. Leiwant will be on maternity leave beginning January 3rd and will return to work on April 23rd (following Spring Vacation). Ms. Sheehan will be on maternity leave beginning January 16th and also returning April 23rd.

We want to make sure you know who to contact in our absences. We are very excited to announce that Ms. Goldrick will step into the role of Acting Director of Curriculum and Instruction while Ms. Leiwant is on leave. She will be shifting out of her role as the 8th grade Math teacher, but will continue to run her Notre Dame crew.  Mr. Barrett (our current middle school math specialist) will take over the 8th grade math class.

Mr. Marko will be taking over as Director of Operations when Ms. Sheehan goes on leave. We also hired Ms. Jillian Gomes to replace Mr. Marko as the Office Manager. We are excited for both of them to start their new roles in the coming weeks!

Please continue to contact Ms. DeLoach with any questions regarding consequences, discipline, and counseling, and Ms. Darrow (formerly Ms. Barlow) with any questions related to special education and English Language Learners.

We look forward to seeing how much all of your scholars have learned when we return in April!



Elizabeth Leiwant                                          

Director of Curriculum and Instruction   


Alice Sheehan

Director of Operations & Finance

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