Alma to serve as New Bedford polling place on Nov. 6

We are so excited to show our scholars what service is all about tomorrow, November 6th! When we found out the New Bedford Election Commission was looking for new polling locations last minute, Alma stepped in and offered up our space. 
So, tomorrow we will convert our Cafeteria into an official polling place. This means the Cafeteria will be sectioned off from the rest of the building and closed down from usual daily activities. Scholars will eat breakfast and lunch in their classrooms.  
The election commission will supply polling staff, and the city will provide multiple police officers to monitor the polls. As always, Alma scholars will always be supervised by their teachers, and there will be additional supervision throughout the school day.

With that being said, arrival and dismissal may be more hectic than usual. Please be patient and plan ahead for traffic delays.
Alma is thrilled to show our scholars just how important the democratic process is tomorrow. Due to the level of importance, the school is willing to offer up its space to make sure every community member has a chance to vote.
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