The Alma Habits

At Alma, character and academics are inextricably intertwined. Our three Alma Habits of Character – responsibility, consideration, and service – live at the heart of our curriculum, instruction, and school-wide culture. Our goal is to give scholars every opportunity to practice and internalize these habits to help them become effective learners, ethical people, and contributors to a better world. When scholars and staff practice strong habits of character, our entire community is able to grow and thrive.


    I take responsibility for my learning.

  • I learn from my mistakes.
  • I come prepared to learn every day.
  • I improve my learning by asking questions and seeking help.
  • I persist when things are hard, no matter what.


    I consider others in my choice of words and actions.

  • I communicate politely and kindly.
  • I stand up for what’s right.
  • I recognize the impact of my words and actions.
  • I show empathy for the perspectives of others.



A group of seventh grade scholars at Alma del Mar Charter School donated 15 fleece blankets to The Donovan House, a sober transitional housing program for women and their children in New Bedford.

    I serve my crew and community.

  • I identify the needs of others and use my skills to meet them.
  • I help my whole crew achieve success.
  • I leave no crew member behind.
  • I use my learning to create a better world.