Discipline and School Culture

Alma del Mar’s discipline system aims to teach discipline and create the conditions for learning.

We hold sky-high expectations for 100% of scholars, 100% of the time.Alma_15

Relationships, crew, and incentives are tools we use to support scholars in making good choices. Our interactions with scholars are generally warm and positive. We offer privileges and recognition to celebrate outstanding achievement and success.

Rituals, procedures, and clear structures in classrooms support scholars. Clear, predictable ways of doing things that are clearly taught and practiced help scholars feel safe and accountable when doing important things.

We “sweat the small stuff” and address minor misbehaviors as they arise. This approach minimizes more significant behavioral challenges and promotes a culture that is positive and safe.

Many scholars do not arrive with the behavioral habits most conducive to school success. While at Alma del Mar, scholars learn discipline. Consequences are tools we use to help them achieve this outcome. We move quickly to consequences when we see misbehavior so that scholars understand the mistake they made and the impact of that mistake on themselves and their community.

Behavior systems and trackers are tools we use to ensure clear and common expectations for what will happen when scholars inevitably make bad choices. Knowing what will happen when a scholar misbehaves, how we handle it, and how to communicate about it helps us be effective and lose little time in addressing misbehavior.