Co-Curricular Classes

Scholars at Alma del Mar have art, music, programming, theater and physical education each several times per week. 

ADM_817_CAN_149General Music: The general music curriculum at Alma del Mar focuses on scholars’ ability to read, understand and express themselves through music. Scholars sing individually and in a group, move expressively to music, and learn to play various percussion instruments, including drums and xylophones. Third and fourth grade scholars also learn to play the recorder. All scholars learn to compose original melodies and perform music from written notation. Over time, scholars develop the vocabulary used to discuss music, study musical genres and styles from various cultures and time periods, and read and write musical notation.

VAlma del Mar - Visual Artisual Art: The visual art curriculum at Alma del Mar focuses on scholars’ ability to discuss and create visual art. Scholars learn the vocabulary with which to describe and critique art. They also study art and artists from various cultures, time periods, mediums and styles. Scholars are able to try their hand at creating art in a range of mediums and styles, including drawing, printmaking, painting and sculpture (clay and paper mache). For example, after studying Seurat, scholars use Q-tips to create their own pointillist paintings. Throughout the year, scholars reflect upon and assess their own work and that of others. The visual arts program works in concert with the broader curriculum. For example, after studying various species of whales, scholars create scientific drawings of the different species.

admaug16_111Physical Education: The physical education curriculum at Alma del Mar teaches scholars the fundamentals of sports and helps them develop lifelong habits of physical fitness. Scholars are able to learn about and practice soccer, football, dance, cooperative games, multicultural games, basketball, gymnastics, baseball, track and field, hockey and yoga. Scholars practice the fundamentals of each sport and then have the opportunity to participate in games. As scholars move into the older grades, they have the opportunity to participate in competitive sports.