A Day in the Life

Below is a sample day in the life of a second grade scholar at Alma del Mar.












7:50 AM: Arrive at school – I shake hands with Ms. Goldrick.

8:00 AM: Breakfast – whole grain blueberry muffin, banana, and milk

8:10 AM: Silent Reading and Morning Meeting – We read books of our choosing and sing songs with Ms. DeLoach and Mr. Gardner.

8:20 AM: Morning Circle – My crew shares highlights from our trip to Tabor Academy.

8:40 AM: Phonics – My table group sorts words such as shark, chain and think based on initial sounds.

9:00 AM: Humanities – We read a portion of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and my partner and I identify one event that could not happen in real life. 

9:45 AM: Recess

10:05 AM: Writing – My partner and I give each other feedback on our narrative writing.

11:00 AM: Targeted Learning Time – The small group that I’m a part of is taught a strategy to find the missing parts in our math problem.

11:20 AM: Read-aloud – Ms. Crowther reads us a version of Cinderella from another country.

11:35 AM: Art – We complete our paintings in the style of Picasso’s Blue Period.

12:15 PM: Lunch– meatball sandwich, sweet potato, pineapple chunks and milk.

12:40 PM: Expedition – We create drafts of our written pieces about Mount Rushmore.

1:35 PM: Physical Education – I practice skipping, hopping and leaping.

2:15 PM: Guided Reading Group – We work on our fluency while reading Magic Tree House.

2:45 PM: Mathematics – I learn new ways to make the number nine.

3:45 PM: Closing Circle – I give a shout-out to my classmate for showing integrity.

4:00 PM: Anchors – A volunteer from UMass Dartmouth helps me with my homework.