We Shall Overcome: Experience Elementary Expedition Night

On Wednesday night our scholars showed off their high-quality Expedition projects that they have worked hard on all fall. They researched their projects by going on fieldwork, interviewing experts, and accessing multiple texts and multimedia sources. 

Expedition topics included community helpers and the tools they use; immigration; American symbols; Colonial America and the American Revolution. In first grade, scholars stood hand-in-hand on stage as they sang a moving rendition of “We Shall Overcome.” Second grade scholars followed with “Ave Que Emigra,” a Spanish song that tells the story of a long journey to a new home. Check out those highlights below, or visit our YouTube page for video of the full event!

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January breakfast and lunch menu

Click below to see the breakfast and lunch options for January 2018!

January Breakfast 2018

January Lunch Grades 4-8

January Lunch Grades K-3

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Criteria for Middle School Honor Roll

Middle school scholars have the opportunity to earn honor roll for their academic performance each quarter. We want to make sure that both your scholars and you are clear on the criteria for honor roll. Scholars must demonstrate their academic performance in a variety of ways to earn this distinction.

To earn honor roll, scholars must demonstrate proficiency on three of the four measures below each quarter:

  • Produce high quality work on a selected assignment (In quarters 1 and 3 the teachers determine the piece, in quarters 2 and 4 Expedition fInal products are used)
  • Meet expectations on Math interim (for 8th grade scholars in dual enrollment, they must receive a B+ or above for the quarter in their math class)
  • Meet expectations on Humanities/writing interim
  • Meet expectations on Science interim

The following are the current scoring categories for interims for the 2017-2018 school year:

Subject Categories Scores
Humanities/Writing Exceeding Expectations (4)

Meeting Expectations (3)

Partially Meeting Expectations (2)

Not Meeting Expectations (1)





Math Exceeding Expectations (4)

Meeting Expectations (3)

Partially Meeting Expectations (2)

Not Meeting Expectations (1)





Science Exceeding Expectations (4)

Meeting Expectations (3)

Partially Meeting Expectations (2)

Not Meeting Expectations (1)






Scholars who meet the honor roll criteria will receive an honor roll t-shirt at town hall. Honor roll t-shirts can be worn any day in place of a uniform shirt.

Thank you for all your hard work with scholars at home to improve their mastery of content and skills!


Los estudiantes de secundaria tienen la oportunidad de obtener un lugar en el cuadro de honor por su rendimiento académico cada trimestre. Queremos asegurarnos de que tanto sus estudiantes como usted tengan claro los criterios para el cuadro de honor. Los estudiantes deben demostrar su rendimiento académico en una variedad de formas para obtener esta distinción.

Para obtener un lugar en el cuadro de honor, los estudiantes deben demostrar competencia en tres de las cuatro medidas siguientes cada trimestre:

  • Realizar trabajos de alta calidad en una tarea seleccionada (en los trimestres 1 y 3 los maestros determinan el trabajo, en los trimestres 2 y 4 se usan los productos finales de expedición)
  • Cumplir con las expectativas en matemáticas interinas (para los estudiantes de 8.° grado en doble inscripción, deben recibir una B+ o superior para el trimestre en su clase de matemática)
  • Cumplir con las expectativas en humanidades/redacción interina
  • Cumplir con las expectativas en ciencia interina

Las siguientes son las categorías de calificación actuales para los interinos del año escolar 2017-2018:

Tema Categorías Puntuaciones
Humanidades/Redacción Supera las expectativas (4)

Cumple con las expectativas (3)

Cumple parcialmente con las expectativas (2)

No cumple con las expectativas (1)





Matemática Supera las expectativas (4)

Cumple con las expectativas (3)

Cumple parcialmente con las expectativas (2)

No cumple con las expectativas (1)





Ciencia Supera las expectativas (4)

Cumple con las expectativas (3)

Cumple parcialmente con las expectativas (2)

No cumple con las expectativas (1)






Los estudiantes que cumplan con los criterios del cuadro de honor recibirán una camiseta de honor en la reunión general. Las camisetas de honor se pueden usar cualquier día en reemplazo de las del uniforme.

¡Gracias por todo su arduo trabajo con los estudiantes en casa para que mejoren su dominio del contenido y sus habilidades!

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Elementary Expedition Night is this Wednesday!

Alma del Mar’s Fall Elementary Expedition Night is this Wednesday, December 20th at 5:30 PM at Keith Middle School. Kindergarten through Fourth grade scholars will be fed dinner at school and transported directly to Keith. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please note, there is no after school programs for Grades 5-8 because of Expedition Night.

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Alma Staff Updates for January

Dear Alma Families,

As many of you know, we are both expecting babies at the beginning of January! Ms. Leiwant will be on maternity leave beginning January 3rd and will return to work on April 23rd (following Spring Vacation). Ms. Sheehan will be on maternity leave beginning January 16th and also returning April 23rd.

We want to make sure you know who to contact in our absences. We are very excited to announce that Ms. Goldrick will step into the role of Acting Director of Curriculum and Instruction while Ms. Leiwant is on leave. She will be shifting out of her role as the 8th grade Math teacher, but will continue to run her Notre Dame crew.  Mr. Barrett (our current middle school math specialist) will take over the 8th grade math class.

Mr. Marko will be taking over as Director of Operations when Ms. Sheehan goes on leave. We also hired Ms. Jillian Gomes to replace Mr. Marko as the Office Manager. We are excited for both of them to start their new roles in the coming weeks!

Please continue to contact Ms. DeLoach with any questions regarding consequences, discipline, and counseling, and Ms. Darrow (formerly Ms. Barlow) with any questions related to special education and English Language Learners.

We look forward to seeing how much all of your scholars have learned when we return in April!



Elizabeth Leiwant                                          

Director of Curriculum and Instruction   


Alice Sheehan

Director of Operations & Finance

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Four Alma educators recognized as Master Teachers

Four educators at Alma del Mar were recently recognized for their mastery in teaching at the K-8 inclusive public charter school located in the North End of New Bedford.

Alma educators are designated as Master Teacher when they exhibit a strong work ethic which contributes to both tangible results today and a lasting impact into the future. Master Teachers are also successful members of our interdependent crew at Alma del Mar — they not only get great results for scholars, they also contribute to our long-term effort by helping the teachers around them to achieve at higher levels.

Alma del Mar’s Master Teachers for the 2017-2018 school year are: Tina Lorenzen, Kate Frazer Rego, Ned Carson and Xiomara Palmieri.


ADM_83117_POR_300Tina Lorenzen is sixth grade teacher at Alma del Mar and also serves as the Middle School Expedition Department Chair. As an experienced urban educator, she brought a wealth of instructional tools to Alma’s faculty when she joined the team in 2015. In addition to this experience, Tina has demonstrated a high degree of adaptability, molding her teaching practice to align with Alma’s systems and routines. Tina’s work over the past two and a half years has resulted in tremendous growth and achievement of her scholars. On the latest MCAS, her scholars outscored the state and were in the 81st percentile for growth, the highest growth score of any subject for any cohort in the school. Tina embodies the principle of High Demand and High Support, combining a no-nonsense tone with the ability to have fun in the moment with her scholars. It’s not uncommon to hear Ms. Lorenzen singing directions to scholars or demonstrating key ideas through skits and stories.


Kate Frazer-RegoKate Frazer Rego volunteered at Alma before becoming Alma’s art teacher in 2012. As an accomplished artist, Kate came to Alma with a strong vision for what art education can be and proceeded to bring that vision to life. In Ms. Frazer Rego’s class, scholars are confronted every day with great art by a diverse group of great artists and then systematically taught how to appreciate these works and apply the skills and concepts they embody. While producing high quality artwork in her class, Ms. Frazer Rego’s scholars not only learn craftsmanship and art history; they also learn to express themselves in new ways and explore their individual identities. Kate’s ability to create a safe culture in which scholars learn to express themselves creatively and productively carries beyond her classroom to the school as a whole. Countless scholars see Ms. Frazer Rego’s room as a space where they can go for support or a refill of inspiration and motivation. Her leadership of the Q Plus Club has created a strong positive support for scholars and her impact as a caring adult goes far beyond any formal structures. Kate’s well-developed listening skills and joyful classroom practice give her the ability to reach some of the hardest to reach scholars.

ADM10.14_026Ned Carson joined Alma del Mar in 2014 as a founding fifth grade teacher. His dry wit, coupled with his passion for literature, have endeared him to scholars since then. As a member of Alma’s crew, Ned is known for the seriousness with which he approaches his craft and his own development as a teacher. As a result of this dedication to his practice and to his scholars, Ned’s last cohort of fifth graders performed on par with their affluent peers on the MCAS. Additionally, Mr. Carson’s strong classroom practice embodies the principle of Content is King and provides a valuable model for how we can powerfully teach literacy throughout the school.




Alma del Mar - Xiomara PalmieriXiomara Palmieri joined Alma del Mar in 2012 as an associate teacher and quickly grew into the role of lead kindergarten teacher. Xiomara is the epitome of “warm demander;” she never gives up on a scholar and holds them to extremely high standards while creating a classroom culture that is caring and nurturing. Xiomara is also masterful in her ability to enlist her scholars’ parents as she leads her crew to high achievement. Her frequent and clear communication with families early each year greatly eases what can be a challenging transition to school for five year olds. The results of Ms. Palmieri’s hard work are apparent in the high achievement of Alma kindergartners every year. Even as Alma’s incoming kindergarten population has become increasingly higher needs, Xiomara and her team have led them to higher achievement each year. Scholars often enter Xiomara’s classroom already behind in basic vocabulary and letter identification skills and leave her classroom reading well above a first grade level. So much of the work of the rest of Alma’s crew relies on this strong foundation that scholars receive in kindergarten.

If you would like to teach alongside incredible educators like Alma’s Master Teachers, apply today! Current openings are listed at almadelmar.org

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NO SCHOOL MONDAY December 11th

Reminder, there is no school on Monday, December 11th due to a teacher professional development day. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

2017 Calendar

12/13 Scholar Photo Retakes
12/15 Special Education Parent Council @ 2:30 PM, Alma Conference Room
12/20 Elementary Expedition Night @  5:30 PM, Keith Middle School
12/25-1/2 Winter Break

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NEW THIS YEAR Take the family survey online!

Yesterday we sent home the family survey with your scholar. If you would like to fill it out online instead just click here: 2017-18 Alma Family Survey.

We have changed many things over the years based on your feedback on the survey including the uniforms, after school program and school lunch. Your voice counts so please fill out a survey today!

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Leadership opportunities while still in the classroom

Alexa Teevens (2)Alexa Teevens

Fourth Grade Lead Teacher, 3-4 Academic Dean & Literacy Department Co-Chair
Started as Alma’s Literacy Specialist in July 2015 

“I worked at a few other urban charter schools before coming to Alma. When I arrived, Will said that he hoped I found my “Goldilocks school” — a school that was not too prescriptive and not too structureless, but just right. That has truly been my experience here, and I’m so excited to continue to refine both our strong school culture and engaging, content-rich curriculum.

As Alma’s Literacy Specialist I’ve had the opportunity to work with teams across grade levels. I have a unique lens for what’s happening across the school, and I’ve been able to support teachers in strengthening the vertical integration of literacy content across grades.

I also get to watch some of our best teachers every day, and I’ve learned more about creating highly effective culture and instruction by being in their classrooms than I had in countless hours of professional development.

I’m very excited to join the Curriculum Team as the co-chair of the Literacy Department this year. As we make shifts in our curriculum, away from skills-based literacy instruction to putting content first, I’m excited to step into the classroom and create and implement my own revised curriculum to best prepare myself to support other teachers in making this shift.”

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Meet Dr. Hamilton: Sixth Grade Lead Teacher

image1Andrew Hamilton was born in Greenfield, Mass, a small western Mass town where there were five generations of his family who ran a small family shoe store. He went to public school and played lots of sports. To earn money, he  delivered newspapers, mowed lawns, raked yards, and  shoveled sidewalks. He also spent lots of time at the YMCA and at summer camps working with children and realizing he loved to teach and coach. 

Mr. Hamilton went to Hobart College in upstate New York, where he took courses in sociology, history, psychology, philosophy, and education. He also played soccer and baseball for the Hobart Statesmen. He went to graduate school at UMASS Amherst where he earned a Masters and a Doctorate in Education and School Improvement. He has since worked in schools in Vermont, Kentucky, California, Florida, and Egypt.

Why did you choose the Alma team?
I chose Alma because I love teaching and I was really excited to join the team and work with the sixth grade scholars.

What do you hope to contribute to Alma?
I hope to work with scholars to improve their abilities to read, write, and express themselves.


What is your top goal during your first year with Alma?
My top goal this year is to reach the scholars in such a way that I can see individual improvement from each one!

Who was your favorite teacher and how did they inspire you?

The program director at the YMCA, Pete Duffy, spent hours training me to be become a referee, a coach, and eventually a teacher. I have been in education ever since.

What did you like about your college?

I loved college and learning about the world, great authors, people who had changed the world, but mostly I learned about myself and what I was truly capable of accomplishing.

Where is your favorite place?

My favorite place to go is a harbor in Brooklin, Maine where my ancestors were from generations ago. I like to walk on the beach, go sailing, and spend time with my family. I also really like to travel and to play music with my friends whenever I can.

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