Emphasis on College

College is a part of the Alma del Mar culture from a scholar’s first day of kindergarten. The kindergarteners who enrolled in the fall of 2013 are known as the Alma del Mar Class of 2030 (that is the year in which they will graduate from college). Every classroom is named after the teacher’s alma mater. Our first graders are in Pomona College or University of North Carolina.

Each year, Alma scholars visit a college preparatory high school or college. While there, they ask students questions such as: How did you get here? What kind of homework do
you have? What is it like to live in a dorm? They also interact with professors and discover the delights of a college campus (like soft-serve ice cream!).

“Alma students and their teacher are incredibly impressive. The students are attentive listeners who track the person speaking. They are enthusiastic and respectful. When I greeted them they gave a firm handshake and maintained good eye contact. I hope that in a few years we will welcome some of them back when they enroll as college students here.” – Professor David Stolow, Boston University

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