DESE Compliance

Annual Reports on School Performance

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) conducts regular reviews of Alma del Mar’s program to ensure the school’s compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. The results from such reviews will be provided upon request. Please email to request this information.

View our annual report card as issued by the Massachusetts DESE:

2016-17 Report Card

You can also review our Annual Report submitted to DESE each year. The required content for the annual report is set by DESE and the information is self reported:

Annual Report – 2018-2019

Annual Report – 2017-2018

Annual Report – 2016-2017

Annual Report – 2015-2016

Annual Report – 2014-2015

Public Records
Public records may be requested by contacting Alma del Mar Charter School’s Records Access Officers. If submitting your request via email, please include both Officers’ email addresses on your email.

Primary Records Access Officer:
Alice Sheehan
Director of Finance & HR
515 Belleville Ave, New Bedford, MA 02746

Secondary Records Access Officer:
Matthew Marko
Director of Operations
515 Belleville Ave, New Bedford, MA 02746